Construyendo la Comunidad Parroquial

By 1902, St. Joseph Parish was relatively stable. In 1902, the parish acquired a new pipe organ to be installed. The new pipe organ was the pride of the parish as it contained two manuals (keyboards), and had twenty stops, which made it the largest pipe organ of the time. Many experts traveled to St. Joseph to play the organ and considered it to be the finest organ of its type and size in the entire city of Denver. Bishop Matz dedicated the organ in a special ceremony that took place on April 21, 1902. The Young parish celebrated their worship of God with a joyful song accompanied by the organ that became a symbol of their growing parish. St. Joseph Parish had become one of the most flourishing and popular parishes of the Dioceses of Denver. On September 9 of 1906, Four years later, fire broke out in the church choir loft and the organ received some minor damages, which were prompty repaired. 
   The following ten years were marked by a remarkable growth and expansion. The Stations of the Cross were donated and installed in the Church in 1905. In 1906, two side altars were erected and a new gothic high altar was installed. The Parish School had been growing steadily; therefore, it was necessary to find larger accomodations. The new School building, located on Fox Street, was completed in August of 1908.
   The long years of struggle and waiting had finally come to an end. On July 3, 1910, Fr. Christian Darley, C. Ss.R. celebrated his First Mass at St. Joseph Parish. The Parish, born in poverty and financial chaos, in scandal and turmoil, had given the Church a Preist, the first of many more to come. Clearly, this was a sign of hope, that God had blessed St. Joseph with.